May 8, 2012

29 faces - Day 8 Here’s My Little Teapot

Don’t know why but she reminds me of a teapot. Ohoo, she’s my cross eyed teapot. Take a look at the initial sketch where I’d added ears. They protruded out a little too far and I thought that they looked like teapot handles so I colored over them later on. Maybe I should have made them pointy ears so should could have been a Vulcan.  I think she’d make a lovely Vulcan. :)

Initial sketch:

Day 8 IMG_0068

Handles removed…. but her eyes look a little sad. I think she is missing her ears, poor thing.


IMG_0073 copy

I need to make some happy girls.  How do you make happy girls with smiling eyes? All I know is pouty girls.


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