December 12, 2014

Watercolor Flowers

I got a new set of watercolors and I’ve been practicing with them.

Not great but I like it.

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December 11, 2014

Documented Life Project Wks 47 - 50


Surprise, I joined another group. Documented Life Project - 2014.  I’ve always wanted to combine a planner and art and this was the best way for me at the moment. 

I made the journal I’m using for the project using letter sized file folders and my sewing machine.  I wasn’t sure the sewing machine wouldn’t tear the paper but it didn’t. It’s holding up really well. The gesso I add to it will strengthen the seam line.

Wk – 47 - Ojo Landscape – This is a spa we frequent in Northern New Mexico named Ojo Caliente. We love the place and I painted this after our last trip…This is a picture of the cliffs that are next to the hot springs pool. The spa has them lit up at night and they are beautiful. They even look cool when you’re in the pool as the snow is falling as it did this last trip in November.Ojo Landscape

Wk – 48 Gratitude – What else would you journal about over the Thanksgiving weekend?Quotes this time as there are too many, to name, things to be grateful for.


Wk 50 – Dream Vacation – As long as I’m dreaming I might as well go in a hot air balloon.

Dream Vacation

What new groups have you joined recently?


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