May 12, 2012

29 Faces Day 12 Freaked out

Another ATC sized drawing. I think she’s a little freaked out. No telling what she saw.

Maybe it was the season finale of Vampire Dairies. First the DVR didn’t record the show when it should have so she stayed up late waiting for ITunes to make the show available (it wasn’t available until the next day, who knew?). So she looks a little bleary eyed… when she finally does see it…it’s a shocker!!  Did Elena become a vampire right at the very end? Don’t know; guess we’ll have to wait and see next season.

OK…I’m not into Goth but I love the Vampire Dairies.  Not to mention that Ian Somerhalder is so darn s-e-x-y. (And so are Joseph Morgan/Klaus and Daniel Gillies /Elijah)  Yes they are a little young but I can’t help it. The show is my guilty pleasure. :)

Day 12 IMG_0092

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