November 9, 2011

Beginning a Junque Journal

Earlier this year wrote a post named 365 Creativity - An Altered Journal Cover about breathing new life into an old composition notebook cover.  While I’m not much of a written journal keeper, (I like visual journals much better), I have managed to fill that one up (almost…I’m within 8 pages of being done.) And because it’s almost filled I need a new one. 

Not long ago I found this cool Youtube video named Junque Journal Introduction by tangie baxter and loved it. It’s a three-parter so if you have time, take a look see. My first journal was strictly a white page written journal.  The new one will be a junque journal and will be more colorful and filled with all the ticket stubs etc…that I get on a regular basis that I keep but just never seem to make it into my art journal. 

This is the front cover and I adore the rabbits in the center.


The back cover:


The inside front cover with a tag for my name and address in case it gets lost. I like to take my writing journal to coffee shops and I know one day I’ll probably forget it there. Hopefully someone will be kind enough to return it if it has my name in it.


In the video, Tangie discusses the need for shoring up the binding, which I’ve done here with ribbons.  I love the variegated ribbon shown and have used it many times in other projects….in fact some of it is now holding my steering wheel cover in place….but I digress.  :)


I’ve inked many of the pages but that’s as far as I’ve gotten to date.  I expect it will be an on going process.  I don’t think I will add the tabs shown in the video but you never know. 

Is the idea of a junque journal new to anyone or am I late to the party? either way, I think it will be fun.  My first addition to the book will be the stuff I gather from our upcoming trip to Ojo Caliente.  See you later….I have to go pack a glue stick and some pens. Bye!


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