June 30, 2008

Name That Tune

These ATCs were made for an ATC Swap, at http://www.atcsforall.com/, called Name That Tune.


Sharp Dressed Man: 

ATC-Sharp Dressed Man

I Got You Babe

ATC-I Got You Babe

Hush Lil Baby
ATC- Hush Lil Baby
I Love You Truly
ATC-I Love You Truly


Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn. They teach you there's a boundary line to music. But, man, there's no boundary line to art.....~quote by Charlie Parker ~

June 24, 2008

Black And White ATCs

I created these for a swap Black And White swap at http://www.atcsforall.com/   but they weren't the one that were sent off to new homes after all.  I chose others to fly. I should have taken a picture of them but alas I forgot. They really were much better.

B&W #4 - ATC availableB&W #3-ATC available

B&W #2-ATC availableB&W #1 - ATC available


White ... is not a mere absence of color;
it is a shining and affirmative thing,
as fierce as red,
as definite as black....

By: Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874–1936)

June 22, 2008

ATC's Traded

ATC- Image Transfer - ToysATC- Image Transfer - Music

ATC- Image Transfer - FriendsATC- Image Transfer - Clown

These are my newest ATCs created for trading at http://www.atcsforall.com/ .

The theme was image transfer. I used packing tape as the transfer method.

June 17, 2008

Be as a Bird

She Has Wings

Be as a bird perched on a frail branch,
that she feels bending beneath her,
Still she sings all the same
knowing she has wings.     ....by Victor Hugo

This is a mixed media collage on a canvas panel. Size is 5 X 7. Bird is a photo on a cloth background fabric and rubber stamped leaves. Stamp was carved by moi (me).  Sheet music is from scrapbook paper.

I love that quote, and I wish I could be as a bird with my art. 

June 15, 2008

Sunflowers in Woodland

Ever since we moved to our new home, I've been fascinated by the fields upon fields of sunflowers that are grown in our area.  Here are some photos I shot during a drive along the country roads near my home.



Sunflowers in Woodland                               More Sunflowers in woodland


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