May 25, 2012

29 Faces Day 25

Back to the shipping tags.  I love the silky smoothness of the paper used for the tags. I bought these at a rubberstamp store instead of a office supply store. Do they get different paper??  I didn’t think to ask.

I went to Hoppy Lobby the other day to check to see if their “tagboard” paper was the same as these shipping tags but I found that what they had was thinner and not as smooth. So I didn’t spend the money.

Otherwise, I think Bristol or Vellum (not the see through kind) might be a better alternative. I doubt the shipping tags are acid free. 

Here is my day 25 face, she’s a bit older than my other girls but she’d only pose if I promised not to show her wrinkles. :)

Day 25 IMG_0133

Thanks for visiting and all your lovely comments.


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