December 26, 2006

New Years Resolutions

What will be my New Year's resolutions this year? I normally don't do New Years resolutions but I do want to do a few things regularly this year.
One is that I need to get my healthy eating and exercising back on track. Ever since we moved my healthy habits went by the way side. But we now have our gym set up and there is no excuse not to eat right and exercise 4-5 days a week. So starting Jan 1, I will work out regularly and eat right.
Two, I want to work on one art project a day. It can be a small ATC sized card, a mosaic project, stained glass, painting, sewing, whatever...just do something creative.
Three, is related to #2. Record or write daily and take a picture about the project worked on. Then weekly, post projects to website.
Four, work related, begin to work on updating accounting records. One hour daily bring me up to date rather quickly.
Five, once a week, update website. Create a new Vintage ladies Block of the month series. Create artistic sewing lessons using printer fabric sheets as a way to stimulate printer fabric sales.
Six, QP related, once a month create 4-5 fabric collections.
Seven, QP related, biweekly, create a new lesson.
I think that's pretty ambitious for 2007 so I'd better stop now.


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