May 18, 2012

29 Faces - Day 18 back to sketching

Have I mentioned that I really like using a pencil for art?  When I was in college (many, many moons ago) I took a drawing class and really enjoyed it. I don’t know why I stopped drawing after the class. I wish I’d kept it up.

Anyway, during that time, I reproduced a Frank Frazetta poster in pencil and was probably one of my most time consuming works ever (back when I had time and patience.) and one of the best.  Here is a link to the poster I “copied”, it’s name is “Silver Warrior.” I saw it in a book about Mr. Frazetta and I just loved it.

By the way it was copied for my personal use only, which was as drawing practice.  In fact, I still have it somewhere…storage probably??

What I’m leading up is, are we, as art consumers, biased against the pencil arts? I’ve visited many arts shows over the years and yet in all that time I’ve only seen a handful of pencil artists, those who use pencils as their main medium. There are painters of all types including a multitude of watercolorists, oil painters and acrylic artists. They dominate the art market. I wonder why that is?   In my last post I added a link to an artist video and blog who draws the most amazing portraits, including beautiful hair, and yet his blog doesn’t get very many hits or comments. It got me to wondering if there is a bias and if so why? What do you think?

Here’s my face for the day.

Day 18 IMG_0118


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