March 26, 2008

Girl on Black


This is another of my journal pages done in my black paper journal. Have I mentioned how much I love the feel of the paper in this journal? Yes? Well it bears repeating, the paper is so smooth to the touch. I did this because someone at ATCs For All started a ATC swap for hand painting or drawing on black paper. I got inspired to draw in the journal.

This is my newest one and was done because my eyes are still maintain a focus (pun intended) in my life:


Later. I have another eye appointment and must run.

March 19, 2008

Passionate Woman


Well the eye surgery went well but I'm still in the healing process. My distance vision is great and I love it.  However, the one thing I hadn't planned on or maybe I should say that I didn't fully understand, was how much I'd miss my close up vision.  Previously, while I usually wore glasses to read I could still read close up without my glasses.  I no longer can and I miss it. While I am going to enjoy my new found distance vision and the fact that I no longer have to wear glasses all day long, I'm not sure, yet, that I would do it again. I'll have to get back to you on that later. As I mentioned before, I didn't hate my glasses as much as My Guy did. 

And speaking of My Guy, he's loving the surgery.  He didn't lose as much of his close up vision as I did.  So he can still read the computer screen without readers and see great at a distance.  I'm jealous and I've told him so. :)

The reason for the art above is that I'm not feeling very sexy at the moment so I channeled it into the above journal page.  The surgery requires that you do not wear makeup for a week after surgery and while I usually don't wear much anyway I hate not being able to. (Plus I need a haircut.)  My Guy has been very sweet in telling me how attractive I am without glasses but I just don't feel it.  I do think he is very sweet though and one of the many reasons why I love him.  Friday, Friday I get it back and just in time for a wine club mini event Friday night.  Whew. 

March 13, 2008

All I Can Think of is My Eyes



Here is my latest journal entry, created tonight to take my mind off the Lasik surgery I'm having tomorrow afternoon. Unfortunately, it only helped a little bit. I'm not sure what possessed me to have the surgery because I am scared sh#tless to do it. However, there is no turning back now.  Actually, this was My Guys idea, he wanted me to have it for our 21st anniversary (March 28th.)  I said I would only if he had the surgery as well. Frankly, I'm used to wearing glasses, I don't love them but I don't hate them either. Heck, I've had some sort of site correction apparatus, either glasses, hard contacts or soft contacts, for over 30 years. My Guy's only been wearing glasses for less than 8 years and he absolutely hates them. It seemed only right that we did it together. 

Well, my Guy had his surgery earlier today.  I was sneaky and made him go first. I wanted to see how it all turned out, so if there were any problems I could back out. Is that bad????  He was willing to be our test subject and I let him, well, because, and I fully admit it, I am a huge chicken.

I think I was more nervous for him this morning than he was. I believe he was nervous too but he has yet to admit it because he doesn't want me to freak out. I know him, he worries about me too.  We left for the surgery center at 9:15 am and got there at 10:00. He had the actual surgery about noon, so there was a lot of waiting in between.  We came home and he slept for about 5 hours and felt much better when he woke up.  Right now, he's downstairs watching the Kings game without his glasses and he's very happy about it.

I guess I shouldn't be but I am still worried. Everybody's experience is different and just because his went well doesn't mean mine will.  I will probably be a wreak tomorrow until my appointment at 3:30 pm. Greg said they help you out with the nerves and give you a couple of Valium to take the edge off. Yay for Valium. I'll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck.  See you later. :)

March 4, 2008

Some days I wanna

Here's a painting I started on a particularly stressful day of tech support.  I tell My Guy that some people should not use a computer but they do and I have to deal with them.  It's not that they are mean or stupid but that they don't follow directions very well.  This was my response to my day last Monday. And those are the tire tracks I wanted to leave on a few callers.

I justwanna

By the way, that really isn't tire tracks. It's called "punchinella" ... the stencil I was looking for in a previous post.  I found it at:  Lots of really fun collage stuff at really reasonable prices.

March 2, 2008

Portrait Painting practice

Here is a painting I worked on recently.  It's a fairly large painting for me.  I believe it's about 12 X 15 or so.  It's in a sketch journal where the page was gesso'd and then covered with small bits of paper and painted over with more gesso to give it some texture.  It was interesting but I'm not sure I like painting over such a rough surface.   I do like how the paper shows through her skin though.


I told My Girl I would post this yesterday but we went to the Home and Garden show in Sacramento to get some contractor names to start our bathroom remodel. There are so many to choose from that it all gets a bit overwhelming.  Plus it's hard to think of spending so much money on a remodel when the real estate market is is losing so much ground.  I feel if we ever need to sell quickly, we won't be able to recoup our purchase price much less the cost we have into it for the new roof and a new bathroom.  If we had known 2 years ago that Sacramento would have such a horrible time with foreclosures we would have looked in a different community for a new home. We're not in Sacramento but we're close enough that their problems affect our housing prices.  two years ago the cheapest housing prices were $400,000, now you can find housing for under $250,000. That's a huge drop. It's scary.

And if that is not stressful enough, My Guy wants me to have Lasik eye surgery (he's is going to do it too). Tuesday, we both went in to have the initial eye exams and to see if we could have the surgery.  We were both given the OK for the surgery but since then, my left eye has been stressed and feels terrible.  The day of the exam, I was given eye drops to dilate my eye and drops to check for glaucoma and I think the eye drops irritated my eye... but only one of them. arrrgh.  Greg thinks it's psychosomatic because I'm scared. That's entirely possible.

I do have something to look forward to. I'm going to Albuquerque to see My Girl and my mother next weekend. Yay!  I can't wait to see them.

But now, I'm feeling out of sorts. My eye hurts, the wind is howling outside, it smells like dust inside and all I want to do is curl up on the couch and read or work on Zentangles in my moleskin.  Where is my pen?


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