May 15, 2008


Here is an journal page inspired by the week I was sick. Other than this I haven't been inspired by much. I think I'm procrastinating because I want to paint a portrait of my daughter but I'm afraid I'll do a horrible job. So I don't do anything at all. I hate that about myself.

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May 9, 2008

Catalog Girl


Here's a my practice piece, a portrait painting with acrylics.  It's a page done week before last, before I got sick. 

I'm just learning to paint portraits with acrylics and I never realized how hard it would be to paint the shadows and various tones of the face. I've painted flowers before and it wasn't this hard.  I'm such an impatient person, and having to paint over several days is tough.  I should probably take a class but I'm more of a self taught person. (Hey I need an excuse for why it doesn't work.) I was thinking I should probably post a copy of the photo I was painting from but I'm not sure I want you to see how really bad my painting is.  What do you think? Should I? 

Last week was a waste as far as anything, including art, was concerned.  I was sick, sick, sick with 102 fever and the flu, I guess. Not sure exactly what it was that made me so sick that it had to be burned out of my body and had to take a whole week to do it.   All I wanted to do was sleep.  UGH...I hate sleeping, especially sleeping during the day.    Thanks goodness that's over. 

That's all for today, thanks for reading.


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