May 4, 2012

29 Faces Day 4 - Inspiration from an unlikely source

Even though I have a office/studio I have been spending awful  lot of time in there due to my day job (I work out of my home). So last night I sat down in the dining room to start this drawing and noticed the picture of my grandson laying close to me. I started looking at the shadows on his face and decided to use them on this girls face. Is that weird?  Have you ever done that?

Yesterday I mentioned that I’m happy if the eyes line up. Well, I just noticed that one eyebrow is higher than the other.  I’m glad I saw it while I still have the chance to fix it. I don’t want her to look like she plucks funny.

My husband thinks she resembles Christina Ricci.  I think he must have been squinting and looking away when he came up with that. ;-P (see my last post) Just kidding, honey pie!

Day 4 IMG_0055

Day 4 IMG_0054

Oh yes, this is my little inspiration (but not the same photo).  He was 22 months yesterday. He’s proudly sporting his new haircut and new shoes. I’m not fishing for comments but isn’t he adorable?

G got a haircut and new shoes 4-29-2012


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