September 29, 2007

From the Artella Daily Muse

The Artella Daily Muse had this list of writing prompts. What would you like to know? I'll attempt to answer them at a later date. (I'm also a procastinator, hehe) (it's now later, Sunday morning 9/30/07)

They say "Fill in the blanks with your answers."

1. If time and money weren’t factors, I’d love to take a course in ___ceramics, oil painting, watercolours, interior designing, architecture, get an arts degree, ethnology, playing steel drums, mosiacs, computer programming_.

2. I’ve always wanted to ask (person you know)__my now gone grandmother _ about __her life__.

3. I’ve always wanted to know how ___weightless _ works (feels).

4. My life would improve if I could only ___win the lottery, be less of a procrastinator, sleep more ___.

5. When I have a sleepless night, it’s usually because I’m worried about _finances or I've had too much coffee__.

6. The worst injustice I can think of is __child and domestic abuse, world hunger__.

7. When I was a kid, I was really passionate about ___astronomy ___.

8. I have always been embarrassed to admit that __soap operas __really interest me.

9. In my life, I have overcome ______?_________.

10. If I could volunteer for just one cause, it would be __domestic abuse hotline ___.

11. I wish I were better at __my art, decision making, cooking, making friends___.

12. I have always wondered why ___child and domestic abuse exists_____.

September 28, 2007

What is your relationship with food?

That's the October 2008 Self-Portrait challenge. Here I'm eating a wonderful shrimp salad with vinagrette salad dressing while watching TV.

Later tonight Greg and I will go out for our usual Friday night dinner. It's something we both look forward to all week long. Friday nights are hard when you're dieting. "We" are dieting because I need to and he's doing it because he loves me and wants to experience what I'm going through. God, I love that man.

We are low carb dieting because it's the easiest one to follow. Once you go through the first week of phase one, all the cravings go away. Well most of them. You get to a place where you forget to eat until your stomach is crying for food. I love this diet because it easily translates into a great life style change. I'm such a carb addict that I literally and constantly crave breads, potatoes,'s all addicting to me.

September 27, 2007

Vintage men 102

Vintage men 102
Originally uploaded by dargie
I love this image. I'm going to use it in an art journal project "inspired" by Inspire me Thursday. I'll post the finished project later.


I bought a book on creative ideas for art journaling and one was about self portraits. Here is one I took recently. These are my flintstone feet.
Anyway this is my first post through the mobile portal. I thought this might be a good way to get my art pics to the blog easily. Let's see how it works.

September 26, 2007

Where has the time gone?

SPwalk I can't believe it been months since my last post. (oh, that sounds like I'm in a confessional) This year has been very busy, fun, emotional and stressful. I run the whole gamut of emotions from extreme happiness to sadness and everything in between.

My daughter got married in May in San Diego and had a reception in our home in June. The wedding was on the beach and was just beautiful. The reception was fun as well. My brother came to the reception as well as lots of people from my daughter and husbands work place. Then a few weeks after the wedding reception daughter and new husband informed us they were moving to New Mexico. What??? My baby moving three states away? I know they chose NM because that's the only other place she's liked and because there are other family members there. But my baby moving three states away? Once I got over the shock I volunteered to drive with her while new husband drove the moving van.

Dinosaur OMG what is it? W-h-a-t is that thing on the side of the road? Drive faster please, we need to get away. OK not necessary, that is one in a series of dinosaurs statues on the side of the road in eastern Arizona. I took as many pictures as I could as we were driving by them earlier this month. They are just too funny.
The trip to NM earlier this month was long but we got closer as a result. I stayed with them in their new apartment for a few days after we got there. They both got lucky in that they got jobs right away. She had a job lined up even before she got there and they loved her. (What's not to love, she's adorable and a hard worker when it doesn't involve housework. )

This new "empty nest" is very different and very quiet. I thought it would be easy to deal with but it's harder that I thought. Last night my husband had an evening managers meeting and didn't get home until 8:00 pm and it got lonely here. This house is entirely too big for us. When we bought it we thought our dear girl would be going to college in Sac but instead she moved out soon after we moved here, then she got married.

As far as my art, I'm working on two journals, and some ATC's. I'll upload some soon. The above image was a self-portrait taken during a long walk I took in August. The image below is from the same walk.


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