May 16, 2012

29 Faces Day 16 and the Traveling Art Journal

For this face I switched over to a larger size watercolor paper. It’s drawn on 9.5” x 7.5” sheet. Still using Prismacolor colored pencils for most of the sketch, Neocolor II crayons for the hair and some Titan Buff Golden fluid acrylics mixed with Glazing medium to even out the facial shadows. I also use White gouache for the final highlights. I find the Primacolor white color pencil just doesn’t go on white enough. This was the first time using the watercolor paper and I found that it was too textured for colored pencils.

This page will actually be for the Traveling Art Journal group I’m in. The journal belongs to Sandy. I’ll have to think of some nice quote to go along with it before I mail it off. Any ideas?

Post edited to show quote:



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