January 29, 2008

Journaling on Black

These are my latest journal pages. I found this journal with this gorgeous black paper about a month ago and was going to use it as my new daily journal until I got a new moleskin journal for Christmas. So I'm using that instead but I couldn't resist the beautiful black pages anymore. Here they are:


This is my Exemplar for some quirky letters. Drawn with gel pens.


Flowers drawn with gel pens



Congrats to My Girl on her great review at her job. I'm very proud of you.

January 22, 2008

For the Birds - ATCs

My newest ATC's is for the swap at www.ATCards.com.  I'm pretty happy with these. They are all hand drawn and painted.

ForTheBirds-ATC2 ForTheBirds-ATC3



Thanks for reading.

January 21, 2008

Book Pages ATC

I signed up for a Book Pages ATC swap at www.ATCards.com  These are the cards I made for the swap.

The card on the top right and the one on the bottom are colored with water soluble oil pastels.  I just found these crayon like paints and I love them.

BookPagesATC1 BookPagesATC2


I'm in another swap as well.  The theme is Birds. I'll post my cards for that swap tomorrow.

January 9, 2008

More Zentangles

Here are my newest Zentangles. I can't seem to stop creating these.

So much fun.


These two are my favorites:


Now I have to decide which to trade and which to keep. humm

January 6, 2008

Zentangles and Goals for 2008

Here are the Zentangle ATCs I wrote about yesterday. These have been fun and creating them has a meditative quality to it.

I have 2 others in progress. I'll post them when they are done.

Here is the link to a website that is about creating a Zentangle. They are selling supplies for creating Zentangles but I don't see a need. Paper and a good black ink pen is all you need. I used the smooth side of watercolor paper and a Faber-Castell Pitt Artist pen to create mine. But do look at the gallery. They have some fantastic examples.

As for my goals for 2008, they are very simple:

  1. Eat healthy foods.
  2. Exercise more often.
  3. Create something artistic daily whether it be art or work related.
  4. Write in my blog or my journal daily. (I don't promise to do both daily because I know I won't).
  5. Create To-Do lists daily so I don't forget to do the mundane tasks that I'd rather forget but have to be done.

That's it. Still sick with a cold but not feeling too bad at the moment, thanks to some Alka-Seltzer Cold medicine.


January 5, 2008

The catch up post

It's been a little while since I last posted and it's been a very busy time. What have I done? Let's see... I've worked on my Christmas Journal, spent 5 days in NM for Christmas, came home to catch up on work and more Christmas Journaling. We partied for New Years eve, made some New Years resolutions and spent 27 hours, (this weekend) without power.

Christmas in NM was a lot of fun.  I spent it my My Girl, her husband and the rest of the family. While there, My Girl and I kept up our yearly tradition of going to lunch and then to the Nutcracker ballet.   Before going to the ballet we stopped at Tucanos Brazilian Grill for brunch. What an experience!!  The brunch included 14+ skewers of various meats brought to our table. You get to choose as many different cuts as you like. Talk about eating too much..whew!  As for the Nutcracker, I wasn't sure of what to expect from the ballet, since we'd never been to the one in NM. It was new perspective on a classic ballet. It was a little comedic and pure fun. The lady with all the children under her dress had us in stitches.

New Year's Eve was just My Guy and I and a whole bunch of strangers partying at the best blues club in Sacramento, The Torch Club.  Before going to the club, we had dinner at the Sheridan Grand and that was an experience in itself.  Great food in 4 courses...ate too much again.  Good thing there was going to be dancing to work off some of the meal. Good dancing music at the club but the singer shouldn't quit her day job. 

Between the ballet and the dancing I did manage to work on some ATC's.  They are for a trade at www.atcards.com called Zentangles. It see what Zentangles are go here.  These aren't mine but it will give you an idea what they are.  I'd post mine but I'm not up to scanning today.  I'm a bit under the weather (and lazy) with a head cold. Maybe tomorrow.

Friday morning just as I was getting to work in my office, the power went down and didn't come back up until today at noon.  That was 27 hours with no power, heat, computers, Internet, TV...I was in hell.... OK, not really, My guy and I went to dinner and a movie (seems that only part of our town was without power). Then we stopped and bought some Duraflame type logs for the fireplace and sat in front of the fire talking and enjoying ourselves.  We enjoyed being together with no distractions. But it sure was dark and quiet in our neck of the woods.  It gave us a new appreciation for everything we have and take for granted, like heat. whew it was cold. Had to have been 45 degrees indoors. And I woke to more of the same this morning...and a head cold. Here I sit blowing my nose for the 50th time and while we do have heat now, I wish I could have gotten rid of the cold as quickly as we got heat back in the house.  Oh well can't have everything.

And speaking of not having everything....I won't be posting my New Years resolutions tonight either...I'll do it tomorrow when I feel better. By the way, not procrastinating was not one of my resolutions but maybe it should have been...oh well...till tomorrow. night, night keep warm.


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