October 25, 2008

Soul Journal Halloween Blog party


Welcome to my party all you wonderfully red blooded humans. My name is Dusana and I am your guide for this portion of the festivities. Here is what you can expect from tonight's party:

We have some lovely dancing music. You do know how to do the Monster Mash, don't you?  No? How about the Swim ... or Drown?

Look around, we have some sweet treats and sinfully delicious libations to choose from.  

Later I will introduce you to the party guests but, I do have to warn you, they may scare the living daylights out of you, Bwahaha!

Oh yes, please do be chatty because if you aren't, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make you talk. 

So come in, enjoy yourselves and don't sacred my little darlings, we won't bite. . . very hard. Have a ghostly good time: If you don't, heads will roll.  Bwahaha!   



Step this way and have a few treats to sweeten your blood . . er . . I mean the treats are very sweet,  I am sure you will find them delightful.


Be sure to grab you glass so you can have some delectable beer.


Or some delicious wine:


Unfortunately, you'll have to pour your drinks yourself.  We used to have a bartender until she met poor tortured Louis,

BP as Louis

Now all she does is hang around waiting for him to return.


Now my beauties, let me introduce you to some the female party guests.   From left to right they are Gladys, Edith, Prudence, Jayne, Irma, Henrietta, Roberta, Beatrice, Margarette, and on the far right is the lovely Edna. They arrived early . .  about a hundred years early and oh my devil, they . never . leave.

Female Party Guests

And they insist on having tasty party guests . . . er . . . I mean treats. They can be such a chore.  But never mind them, come along I have other guests you should meet.

Now these handsome fellows may need no introduction but it would be rude if I didn't.  Of course you know Black Bart the infamous pirate, Constable Brownstone, "Pinhead" Bobby (don't mind him, he's always grumpy because of the headaches), and Oh so Skinny Denny who can't hold his food.

Male Party Guests

I know I should let Black Bart tell you his favorite riddle but let's see if you can guess the answer. "Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?  No, they eat the fingers separately..." Bwahaha!  Shhh, don't tell him I told you because he'll lose his head if he finds out. 

When you have finished your treats and drinks, have a dance or two and then sign up sign up for the drawing. One lucky guest will have the chance to win a party favor. This Halloween ATC is the prize:


Oh yes, remember the tricks I told you about?  Those of you that don't sign up for the prize will be added to our witches brew. Bwahaha!  And don't think you can sneak away, Sign up or we will send the hounds after you.


Don't be fooled by their mild mannered demeanor, they are vicious candy hounds. . . I mean blood hounds. (PS, The dog photo was found in a email sent to me by my daughter. Sorry but the photographer is unknown.)

The drawing will be held on Tuesday morning, October 28th. Please leave your blog address or some way to contact you.

Thanks to Kathryn Antyr at Collage Diva for sponsoring the Soul Journal Halloween Blog party. Head over to Kathryn's blog for a complete listing of all the participants.

Thanks for visiting.  Oh yes, I almost forgot. Come back by on Beggers night (Oct 30th) for another giveaway. I'll be giving away some holiday fabric.


  1. Oh my gosh Linda! I never laughed so hard - the dogs are fabulous! How did you ever get them to all sit at the same time? You are so talented - thank you for the party.

  2. This is too cute! I just love Louis. This is great. Thank you for putting it all together!

  3. Very cute!! Happy halloween fellow soul journaler and Creativity club gal!

  4. You have a wonderful sense of humor. Those doggies are so cute. I love it all! Thanks for playing. Awesome giveaway. You Rock! xoxo k

  5. your site is fantastic. love the music playing as you wonder through the page of ghoul. wish i could do that on the computer.
    thanks for sharing your fun and wonder of halloween.

  6. Hi Linda - giggled all through your stunning party. Just love Constable Brownstone and friends. Take care ...

  7. Dancing in my seat here in KY.

    Love Dusana's pet spidy too.

    I'll have a pumpkin ale, yeah, I know it's really too early in the day, but it sounds so good.

    Purple people eater!!! My fav. song as a small child.
    I have the 45 around here somewhere.


  8. what a wickedly wonderful hostess you are & thank you for the treats!

  9. thanks for having me fly in this evening...loved the treats even though i had to fight the hounds for them...i had to bite one...he wouldn't give it up...

    happy halloween

  10. Thank you so much for having me at your Halloween party! The cookies were delicious, the music spirited and the company even better.

    Ps. Are any of your hounds up for adoption? They are tooo cute.



  11. Your doggie ghosts are so cute!!! I love your artwork - very eerie. The table is beautifully set and the snacks are so yummy. Thank you for inviting me to your party.

  12. Had a ghoulishly wicked time. Thanks for all the good snacks as well. I would be pining for Louis as well.

  13. Love your party page. Especially taken with the really awsome dolls!

  14. Love the fierce hounds! I have no idea how they all are sitting so quietly, unless of course they've broken into the spirited beer or wine;-) Great ATC too, it cracked me up! I know the feeling....thanks for having me at the party!

  15. Those dogs are hysterical! What a wild and creative party you've prepared. Not sure if I can stay long...I'm kinda creeped out by those zombies. Happy Halloween!

  16. Oh, how clever! Thanks for the Halloween fun!

  17. What a hoot! loved your party! Jolly Halloween!

  18. You did a fantastic job of your halloween party!
    Thanks for being such a lovely hostess~!

  19. You did a wonderful job on this page! I loved it!

  20. Very very neat idea! I had a horrible creept time at your party!


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