October 30, 2008

Beggars' Night Give away



Ever heard of Beggar's Night?  Beggar's Night is the night before Halloween and I know many people don't "celebrate" it but I have a childhood memory from a Beggar's Night many years ago that I hadn't remembered until recently.  I don't know if you read my post labeled "Inspire Me Thursday - Yellow" but in that post I said "My mother was not quite this eccentric but she might have been had she thought she could get away with it."  Well, this one Beggar's night she thought she could get away with being eccentric. 

When I was about 6 years old, we spent Beggar's Night with my grandmother who lived in a little home behind my Aunt's home. My aunt had several teenaged children who looked up to my mother because she was a party girl. On this night, my mother was a little bored and she wanted to do something fun.  So she and one of my teenaged cousins got the bright idea to go out Trick or Treating on Beggar's night. 

We all dressed up with our spur of the moment costumes. (Back then we never purchased costumes, we made them.) I believe I was a hobo with a soot covered face and a stuffed bandana hanging on a stick, and fabric patches pined to my pants.  My mother hiked up her skirt, put large rollers in her hair, and smeared lipstick on her face. It was quite funny. I really don't remember the cousins costumes but I know everyone was happy with their creations. And off we went to knock on the neighbors doors.

Most of the neighbors didn't open the doors but a few gave us candy if we promised NOT to come back the next night. However, the house that I remember the best was the one who told us they didn't have any candy yet but that we were welcome to come in and have tamales with them.  "Of course we will," mom said. We kids had the delicious tamales and Mom had a beer with the neighbors. We had a good time and enjoyed our very generous neighbors.  Then we went home. 

As a thank you for reading all the way through my story, you get the chance to win one or more of these Christmas fabrics. (I was going to give away some Halloween fabrics but heck it's almost over.)  How many fabrics you get depends on how many people respond to my giveaway.  There are 5 pieces, if you are the only one that responds you'll get all five pieces.  If more respond I'll split them accordingly.  More than 5, it will be a random drawing for one piece for each.  I'll announce the winner on November 4th so you have till midnight November 3rd to leave your name.  These are the fabrics:


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  1. what a great story Linda i have never heard of Beggar's Night befor sounds like you had alot of fun that night what a great memorie to have.

    crissi xx

  2. That sounds like so much fun. We called the night before Devils Night. People would go our and do pranks on others. It was a bad night to go out on. It sounds like beggars night is a lot better!! Thanks so much for sharing such a heart warming story@

  3. What memories! Thanks for sharing the story of Beggar's Night. We still make our costumes and my son had a blast making his mask. He is so proud of it. I think if I bought him a costume my family would take me to the hospital as something would surely be wrong with me. :)


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