November 19, 2007

Veteran's Day Journal Page

In honor of all Veterans but specifically for my dad who not only served in WWII but passed away on Veteran's Day in 2006, and for my husband who served during Desert Storm.



  1. what an appropriate and warm post! we have so much to be grateful including those who serve and protect!

  2. Linda,
    Touching post. Peace to you on the 1st anniversary of your father's death. What a great tribute.

  3. Although I'm not an AMerican, I feel your gratitude. And indeed, great tribute to your father!

  4. I am French AND I am forever grateful to your dad and all the other brave beautiful men who came to my country and helped us to remain free.
    MERCI and a big hug to you, his daughter!
    Peace and Love
    Come and have a cup of tea with me

  5. Beautiful tribute and response to the theme this week.


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