November 30, 2007

Ten Two Studios Countdown Calendar

Here is a great site for anyone needing almost free Christmas images. (After you post a link back to the site somewhere on the net you can download the images free of charge). These are nice images and you can get new ones everyday for a total of 46 images. Check the site sometime during each day from the 1st through the 25th and you could come away with images to use in your crafts. Last years images were great.

Starts tomorrow:

Yesterday I took my Christmas Journal to be bound at Staples and the girls there did not make me feel good about leaving it in their charge. First she didn't even look at it and was going to bind it across the top breaking into the words. I made her draw a picture of the journal on the envelope and show where the binding was supposed to be. But even with that I wasn't sure it was going to be done right. I walked around the store and as I was leaving it was spread across the binding machine and the girl was off doing something else. I'm sure it's going to be a mess when I pick it up but I will gladly say I was wrong if it's not. Keeping my fingers crossed that I am. Good thing is, if it is a mess, I bought some binding rings while I was there so I won't have to take it back if I have to redo it.


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