November 5, 2007

Recap of the weekend

Friday night was our usual dinner night out. Where did we eat? Oh yes it was Bella Bru in Natomas shopping center. We had the same thing as is per usual these days (the low carb diet), which was crab cakes and salad and drinks. Did you know drinks don't count in the low carb diet? OK they do. We just tell ourselves that because there are just somethings we won't give up.

After dinner we went to Fry's in my quest to find some way to hook up my laptop to the laser printer. I have to print from the laptop more often now that Vista crapped all over my older programs on the desktop. Vista messed up so many of my "useful programs" (read business programs) that I wanted to scream. It's cost me more to upgrade my computer to be Vista ready that I could have gotten a brand new computer for same price. ARGH...

Saturday night we drove to Fairfield to meet the Snows and see their home. They had Erik and Karen there for hors d'oeuvres and wine. Nice home, with a very industrial utilitarian front. Corragated metal that looks much better than it sounds. After a few glasses of wine we drove over to the Vintage cafe for dinner. It's just a few blocks from the Snows. I had the sea bass which was wonderful but My Guy didn't like his fish dish, said it was too dry.

Today I went to Office Depot and found a Waterman Phileas Red Fountain Pen. It writes so smoothly. Very different from the scrubby point on the quill pen I used yesterday. That one was almost painful to use because it was so scratchy. I've also ordered some speedball nibs to practice some calligraphy. I want to use these pens for my journal entries.

I started a new journal page today by gluing down some bits of various types of paper to a page. tomorrow after it dries I will cover it with a tan transparent wash to unify the page. We'll see what happens after that.


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