October 18, 2007

Blah day

There was something off today. Not sure why but I felt restless or bored or just off. I only spent a few minutes in my studio today. Now I have a headache.

When My Guy came home he wasn't feeling well, catching a cold, poor baby. ( My Girl, if you read this call your dad. :) ) It was his turn to make dinner and I offered to do it since he wasn't feeling well but he wanted to go out instead. Applebees, the old standby...I getting bored with it but there aren't many choices without driving 30 minutes. Anyway, My Guy decided he's staying home tomorrow.

I worked on an ATC for the Claudine Hellmuth Swap at http://www.atcards.com/ but I'm not sure I like it enough to send it. I also have to make one more ATC for the Make a Statement swap. I also need to make a cover for the new journal My Girl and I will be working on together. Once that's done, I'll take it to Staples and have them bind it and send it to her.

I was just at Suzi Blu's blog. That girl just cracks me up. I love her videos and her art. If you have time, I suggest watching her videos at YouTube, her channel is called SuziBluTube. There are about 30 videos and I just love them all.

Another funny lady in the art journaling world is Val who's channel is named Batatakley. She had this video offering travel for Art Journals.


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