October 7, 2007

Art Purchased

Aren't these beautiful? We think so, they are our new additons to our art collection from our trip to the Sacramento Art Show held at the Convention Center this weekend. We went yesterday and spent at least 3 hours there looking at all the beautiful art. We were throughly impressed at how beautiful and well done everything was. And as it should be the show was a juried show, thank goodness. No offense to crafters who make crafty mailboxes that look like cows but that wasn't what we wanted to see but were afraid we were going to find. Whew, we got lucky.

On the top (or left depending on your monitor) is a beautiful glass "lamp" in a style called Kenetic Casting by it maker, Rick Jarvis. Rick's website is You Can Kiss My Glass I call it a lamp only because it is lit up with a lampbase behind the glass, not visible here.

On the bottom (or right) is a photograph mounted to a wood board, called "450". It's a close up image of a railroad car layered over an image of a peeling paint wall. The textures in this photograph are amazing. The style called Urban Expressionism. The photographer is a very nice young man named Daniel Newman who's website is http://www.danielnewman.info/

I encourage you to visit both of these wonderful artists. There were so many others to see. Here are some other websites I collected as well:


There were others I loved that I missed getting a website address for, darn it.


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