October 17, 2007

Inspire Me Thursday - Hats

Everybody loves wearing pretty hats.

OK, even though I'm not a hat wearer I still like to buy them. I fancy myself wearing a beautiful hat in the garden, or while out walking the dog ... ah..the dog I don't have but hey it is my fantasy. But alas the hat stays in the closet because once I get it home from the store I never put it on again. Why? because it flattens my hair, or the wind is blowing and it's too hard to keep on. Or any one of a hundred other excuses why I don't wear hats. Oh well, I look good in them in my day dreams.


  1. Wow fabulous picture. Excellent work.

  2. This is so cute...love the dogs wearing the hats too!! I do not wear hats, but I collect antique ones for my daughter and she wears them...She happens to look great in them...


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