October 20, 2007


Created this today after we returned from the home show in Sacramento. I just realized that the last few figures I've drawn are posed on one leg, for some reason. Do you think that means something? Have I been off-balance longer than I think I have been? Don't answer that! Yes I'm looking at you.

This journal page didn't start off to be negative, it was going to be my assignment for the Suzi Blu art prompt. This week we were supposed journal, using collage, about our Muse. Do I have a muse? I do, but she's off some where dancing at an INXS concert, drooling over JD, and left me here to brood alone. Ok I'm not really alone as evidenced by the journal page above but maybe alone might have been better this weekend considering our moods. Nah... I spend enough time alone and semi-moody times with My Guy is better than no time at all. I know if we were feeling well things would be different.

The home show wasn't bad but it was poorly attended. I felt bad for the vendors. In fact, attendance was so low they decided to let people in free. We did see a nice gas heater that would look great in the master bedroom. It's one of those that looks like a fireplace but runs on natural gas. Our bedroom is always so cold in the winter and we think this is a great solution. I'd like to wait until the bathroom is done so we can see how much room we have left after reducing the bedroom for the walk-in closets. The room is so big we can take 4 feet off and still have a big bedroom but still we haven't planned the layout. So until we do that, I don't want to make a major purchase that we won't be able to move around if we change our mind.

This is going to sound strange but we also saw a huge wind powered mobile that we both loved. When I say huge, I mean 15 feet tall. We both looked at it and said "front yard" haha. Our house dwarfs the landscaping we now have and that mobile would be great. But yeah, we're not spending 2 thousand dollars on a mobile.


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