October 29, 2007

Wine Tasting & Social Connections

We had a great night last night. We were invited to a wine tasting and tour at the Vezer Family Vineyard. Mike S and wife Audrey invited us to be a part of this by invitation only event. We met at the wine tasting room in Mankas Corners. There were quite a number of people there and I believe most were invited by Mike and Audrey. They know and party with so many people.

Mike introduced us to a few couples and everyone seemed very nice. We looked around the grounds and the wine barrel room. The wine barrel room had a very distinct aging wine smell. The area was very nicely designed and landscaped. It had a Tuscan courtyard feel. Audrey was the landscape designer and had her name on the plaque just before you enter the public wine tasting room. She freigned embarassment but I know she was reveling in the attention it brought her. And she should, it was a nice job.

Not long after we got there we got back in the car and drove to the farm. The trip was a nice but short caravan of vehicles in which we saw some beautiful homes and landscape. The farm was a private tour given by, Frank, the owner and his sister Giselle. He showed us the vineyards, which at this time of the year are gorgeous deep shades of gold and maroon. Quite beautiful. Next up was the processing area where they de-stem and pit the grapes. Then Frank discussed the process in which they ferment the juice, and when and why they remove the grape skins. Did you know that white wines are from grapes with the skins removed and red wine has had the skins left in? Yeah, I thought you did. :)

After a sample of the not quite finished and unaged wine currently in process, we went back to the main tasting room and courtyard at the farm. This is a different one than where we all first met. Here they were serving hors d'oeuvres and wine. First up was some White Zin, very good flavor. Later dinner was served buffet style. We found a table and had nice dinner conversation with a couple from Gorden Valley who are planning a very small vineyard for their own private label. I akin it to My Guy making his own beer. Nothing fancy, just some people who like to brew thier own. There was a another couple from the area as well. That guy and My Guy had a Harley Davidson in common, so they talked about driving the Harleys. His wife and I had our names in common. She didn't talk much so I don't know much else.

My guy surprised me by suggesting that we join the wine club and have wines delivered to the house. This wine club was described as not only a wine delivery service but a social connection with private dinners and concerts. One a regular concert and the other a black tie event featuring opera (eww). I figured that the bit about the black tie opera event would be enough to put a kibosh on the Wine Club membership. haha, but my guy wanted to do it anyway. I think he was having a good time there.

After dinner, dessert and much wine and conversation, we headed home. My guy purposely didn't drink as much wine as I did so he was ok to drive. Good thing because it was a 40 minute drive home. Over all it was a very good night.


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