June 6, 2012

OK I feel better now.

After my last face I had to go back to my pencils and it makes me feel better.  The only bad part was trying to get a decent image of a black and white pencil drawing. Neither camera or scanner would show the paper as a true white.  I used Photoshop Elements to turn the background white but the girl doesn’t look true to color. Not to mention that there are specks in the image that are not on the drawing.  Oh well not going to worry about it.

Her hair looks a little puffy but I actually de-puffed it (is that a word?) after the first photo I took. Can you imagine?

I read somewhere that if your drawing looks elsewhere than straight on they appear to be more expressive. Not sure I managed to do that but it was an interesting tidbit nonetheless.

I will probably color her later on but right now I will enjoy her as is.



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