June 4, 2012

An Exercise in Frustration

I don’t know why I’m posting this as it frustrated me while I was painting it and now just to look at it. I’ve drawn worse, much worse, but after all the nice faces I created during 29 faces challenge to come up with this one is just WRONG. lol! 

I guess I’m posting it to remind me that the supplies I use do make the difference when you’re inexperienced.  I used Fluid acrylics on scrapbook paper covered in clear gesso. What? Yeah that’s what I did. What can I say in my defense except that I wanted in my journal and that was the next page. 

In an effort to make it look right, I added layer after layer of paint and colored pencils and nothing seemed to make it look any better. I redid the eyes…still nothing. By the time I got to the hair, I just didn’t care anymore.

If that wasn’t enough, I knocked over the bottle of black paint and got it all over my dining room table given to us by my mother in law…you know what means. Yeah me too.

And I got it all over the cover of my journal, so now it’s a mess too. When that happened I said “F#@& it, I’m done.”  So here it is in all it’s glorious ugliness. 

It’s OK, I’m laughing. 


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