June 22, 2012

Her name is Emmaline

I am so intimidated by watercolor paints (not pencils) that I’m surprised I had the courage to try this portrait. Then I got to thinking….It’s only cheap paint and cheap watercolor paper so why not? Sometime ago I bought a set of Reeves watercolors ( yes the cheap, cheap, cheap …seriously cheap brand) so that I could use them for background color in my journals. I never did use them for that purpose and I still had them around.  So really what did I have to lose except time? 

I penciled in the girls face and then procrastinated painting it. I liked the drawing…what if I ruined it? “OMG”, I told myself, “Shut up and paint!” So I did, I guess I just needed a good talking to.  You talk to yourself too, don’t you? ;-)

I have to say, watercolors are a different medium from what I’m used to. It’s going to take some time to get comfortable with it.   I’m not liking the dark, dark shadows of her hair around her neck nor do I like the obvious lines on her face from a not well blended changes in skin color. But I guess it not a terribly horrible first attempt.

I did learn that you must tape your sheet down or the paper buckles badly. I had to rewet the back and place a book over it to flatten it. I hoped it wouldn’t ruin it. I also learned I need to practice drawing flowers. 


For your listening pleasure “Emmaline” by Hot Chocolate.

Be warned, it’s got some sad lyrics toward the end.

I’m linking to Paint Party Friday. Thank you Eva and Kristin for hosting the fun party. Everyone else please sure to click the link to visit this week participants.


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