September 17, 2009

OMG He said what?


The above page is about my dad, god rest his soul.  I thought the image here accurately described how I felt about him and some of his views. I loved the man (the Rose) but he had some odiferous opinions that we argued over many, many times.  However, the time described above, he actually came through for his grand daughter. 

The pin on the lower right belonged to dad.  He used to be a mail carrier for the post office and almost every year he received a good driver pin.  He probably had 20 of them, which I now have and plan to use in my art.



I think I’ve written about Lasik surgery before so I will let the page speak for itself about the topic. The face image was combined from two magazine ads. The brown and tan out-of-focus piece on the right shows the view without glasses before surgery and also for 3 months after. OK I admit it, the out-of-focus piece was serendipity and I didn’t notice that worked out like that until after it was all glued down.

I’m still working on the prompt a day workshop. Although I am behind on posting the images here, I am actually keeping up with the class. Finished day 15 and 16 earlier tonight. No telling when they will be posted but I will get around to it soon.


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