September 14, 2009

A Frizzy Day at the Beach?

9-8-09 Roar

I was born and raised in Albuquerque and the only beach in NM is Tingly Beach which is basically a glorified lake.  Truth be told, it’s really more like a dirty ditch bank.

So the first time saw the ocean (in 1980) was during a weekend trip to New Orleans. I was amazed and it was rejuvenating. It puts all my worries into perspective. I was thoroughly in love with it. So much so that after a year I started having dreams of the ocean calling me.  After a week of these dreams, I knew it was time to schedule another trip. The dreams stopped then but reoccurred every year and would continue until I scheduled another trip to see it.  In the seven years that I lived in NM after that first trip, I managed to visit Hawaii, Grand Cayman, the Bahamas, Mexico, Los Angles, and San Diego. Several more than once and all just to see the ocean.  

Since moving to California in 1988, we’ve visited the beach at least once a year….usually on our anniversary. It’s a must do for both My Guy and I.  I wish we could go more often but we keep further moving east. Why are we doing that, why??? 

My dream is to own a cottage on the beach with a large studio over looking the ocean.  Every week we buy a lottery ticket in hopes that we may one day own that cottage as well as travel to as many beaches as we can possibly see.

9-9-09 Frizz

The picture above could have been me after my last perm at the beauty shop.  After the rollers came out I wanted to scream.  I told the woman all I wanted was soft curls and this is what I got.  Not only was it frizzy, it was fried. arrrgh!! 

Well, I wasn’t about to let that woman touch my hair again but I had to cut off as much as possible without shaving my head.  Luckily, I found a hair stylist who was able to cut all the frizz off and keep some of the curl. While it was pretty short when she was done, it looked much better. Next perm, I did it myself and it came out nice, if I say so myself. 

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  1. Hi, Linda! I really like the "Roar" journal page! I like the colors and textures, the sea and sea cliffs, along with the sand and the fishes. Very pretty! :-)


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