September 29, 2009

From Hugs to Mirrors

Who do you give your biggest hugs?  Mine go to my family, of course.

Big Hug

Who floats my boat?  My Guy ‘cuz he always has my back.

MY Guy

All of a sudden I got the urge to sing the Mary Wells song:

No muscle bound man,
Could take my hand,
From my guy.
(My guy)
No handsome face,
Could ever take the place,
Of my guy,
(My guy)
He may not be a movie star,
But when it comes to being happy,
We are,
There's not a man today,
Who can take me away,
From my guy.


Another thing I do with lottery winnings? Hire a personal assistant. :) Who wouldn’t want one?  Raise your hand if you couldn’t use someone do do all those mundane chores you’d rather not do. Yeah I don’t don’t see any hands.


When you get to be my age you start looking in the mirror, wondering who that is staring back at you.  Certainly that’s not the 30 year old living inside me….(she used to be 25 for a long time but she’s grown a little.) You wear make up, do your hair, etc… in hopes that “she” will look a bit younger but I hear that after a while you’ll realize that this one is here to stay and you get comfortable with her. I wonder when that will be? :)


How old is your inner self?

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  1. Hi, Linda! Totally love that big TIGER hug! Wow! :-)


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