September 8, 2009

3 days in the life of….


I’m still working with Kelly Kilmer’s Prompt a day class and the 9/3/09 prompt dealt with tattoos.  The page says “While several members of my family have them, I have never seriously considered getting a tattoo.”  But I remember when My girl was in high school and she tried to talk me into letting her get one and I said no, no and no.  After she turned 18 she got one and was afraid to show it to me for fear I would get mad.  LOL, I didn’t.  I guess she didn’t remember me telling her that she could get one when she was 18 if she still wanted one.  My theory was that if I let her get a tattoo when she was under 18 and she later regretted it, it would be on me.  If she got later and she regretted it, it would be on her!  ha ha!

The crown image above was actually a photo of a person’s entire back but when I took a closer look at the picture I noticed they had zits….ewww! So I cut them out. 


stop talking 9-4-09

Don’t we all have a family member or friend that talks entirely too much?  I have my cousin K.  Lovely girl but she can talk a mile a minute. When I showed this page to My Guy he knew exactly who I was writing about.


Let Go 9-5-09

This is a self-portrait stencil I did in the stenciling class I took earlier this year with Mary Ann Moss. I’d been waiting to use it and  9/5/09 prompt seemed like the perfect time since it’s about my (highly abridged) living will. 


  1. LOL. I knew who you were talking about too (your cousin) when I saw it. And I love the stencil of yourself! If my crown tat on my back looked like the one you posted - I wouldn't be trying to get it covered!

  2. HOw on earth can you keep up with a prompt day? It makes me tired just thinking about it, lol.

    I like the rich colors in your pages. THe top one with the crown is my favorite.


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