November 14, 2008

The Star

As I indicated before I'm taking the Suzi Blu's class "Les Petite Dolls".  Two or three weeks ago (or more), she asked us to create our own Oracle or Tarot card.  At the time I wasn't far enough along in her class to complete the challenge but I looked up my card (see a post or two ago) and came up with a basic idea for the card using the petite dolls.  I finally finished the card last night. 

Star Oracle Card

I'm not a big believer in Tarot cards but I really like what the star card symbolizes and encourages: to have faith in yourself.   From   "The image of The Star tells you to have faith in your ideals, to dare to dream, and to hold tightly to your perceived purpose in life. The Star promises the renewal of hope, inspiration, and spiritual clarity."

When I was done, I showed the painting to My Guy and to my surprise, he said we should hang it up. He's never said that before....sniff, sniff.   


  1. I love it. Isn't that a sweet thing for him to say. I'm not into tarot cards either, but I love your interpretation.

  2. i for one love tarot cards!
    your card is wonderful!!!
    i feel all the interpretive qualities that you are representing coming through
    and she is cute too!

    i think you are moving along well with suzi's class!

    i will have you know
    my word verification came up
    isn't that kind of uncanny
    considering in suzi's class we work with the wood
    and have fun!

  3. Linda, Star Girl is absolutely fabulous! She has the sweetest face. You did a wonderful job.

  4. I have contemplated taking the "Les Petit Dolls". I Like the way your girls turned out. Would you recommend the course?


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