November 30, 2008

Should I really tell ?


My friend Dianne from Art Beneath The Cottonwoods has tagged me.  And my friend Connie from ALTERED ROUTE has given me this wonderful award.  My thanks go to the both of them. 



Here are the official rules

  • Link to the person who tagged you.

  • Mention the rules.

  • Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.

  • Tag five other bloggers by linking to them. (I added comments to the links, you don't have to.)

  • Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged.


The six quirky boring things about me, this shouldn't be hard. :-)

1> Before Lasik, used to be that I wore glasses for distance, now I wear them for close up. I can't get away from them.

2> Did you know that you can get really cute reading glasses at Target for only $1.00.  Yeah, $1.00.  I must have 6-7 pair.

3>  I'm a cheapskate.  If it doesn't entertain me I don't want to spend money on it. :)

4> I hate emptying the dishwasher. (see I told you it would be hard.)

5> I have 6 toy sewing machines, one vintage machine and one regular.  All from my quilting days.


Five people I am tagging and awarding the Kreativ Blog award to are:

Sarah Fishburn:  Sarah is a wonderful artist who shares my love of Biscochitos

Barb :  who is a fellow member of ATCsforall and Suziblu's class, so you knows she's arty.

Jennifer:  You really must see her packing tape self-sculpture.

Pink Hattuer's -  We both participate in the Three Week Challenge and Suzi Blu's class Les Petite dolls class.

Christine Alane:  Christine makes some beautiful jewelry.

I think you will enjoy visiting these blogs so have a looky loo! 


  1. Linda
    how fun! 6 toy sewing machines...I think that is pretty unique. thanks for joining the fun!

  2. hi there linda! thank you so much for the note you left on my blog. it left a smile on this artsy girls face this morning.

    now to think of 6 quirky boring things about myself as i paint my bedroom...

    christine alane

  3. I dropped by actually just to let you know I put you on the side bar of my blog so I can come visit easier now. Maybe you will do the same

  4. Congratulations on your blog award! :-)

  5. That worked out well combining the two! Still doing the Happydance about tim's prize...and thanks for the BD wishes!


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