November 11, 2008

My Little Girls and more

This has been a very busy week.  Last Friday I finished up my hosting duties for the NorCal Residents ATC Swap at  There were some very nice cards created in this swap.  As host I got to look at all of them and drool over them. They were so hard to let go, but let go I did, and now they live with new families where they are loved. 

As if I didn't have enough to do, I joined yet another art group.  I jumped on the bandwagon and signed up for Suzi Blu's Les Petite Dolls class.  These are my first attempts at doll faces.


My Girls

I am also working on a doll on wood, but it's not ready to show yet. Part of the class is outlining the doll drawing with a wood burning tool and that is what I find the hardest to do.  I'm getting some bumpy looking lines and let me tell you, it ain't pretty.


I also got more involved with Milliande Creativity Club.  These are the two pieces I did for that group:

It's called "Washing away the dust or Out to Art"

Door Hanger 

and The Purple Tree

Purple Tree


The poem says:

The Purple tree

where I sit every eve

pondering the majesty of her leaves

and imagining where

I could be if only

I gave in to the dreams

that call to me. me


That's all for now, thanks for reading.


  1. I love your Suzi Blu girls, very pretty. And of course you know already how much I like your door hanger and your awesome purple tree :-)

  2. I love your doll faces. Your shading looks real good. I think the wood burning tool i just a matter of practice. Maybe you could practice on the back of it? Also I would guess maybe the lines are bumpy in part to the amount of pressure you use? Maybe going over the lines slowly with little pressure would help getting them out? Can't wait to see a wood doll when you are done!

  3. Hey Linda, you've been tagged, sure hope you can play along. Details on my blog.


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