July 31, 2011

One More Day

Another page for the Traveling Art Journal.  This one belongs to: Paula K.

The theme is music lyrics

The song is One More Day by JD Fortune from the album Death of a Motivational Speaker.

One More Day by JD Fortune

The page:


The background is colored with pastels as set with a fixative.  The sun and stems and leaves are painted with acrylics. The flower is created from a book page and colored with stamping ink. I also used a charcoal pencil to outline the flower. The title is made with purchased precut letters.

One more note: I know my family is going to give me a hard time for using a song by JD. I can’t help it that I’m still the oldest teenage fan girl alive. :)


  1. Oh,Linda I love it! Nothing wrong with being that eternal teenager (or child).
    I'm going to have to scout JD up, not sure that I'm familar, but I did enjoy that song.
    Thanks so much!

  2. Hey. Love your page. Have no idea who JD Fortune is, tho. Am I that old? hehe Oh, the middle strip on your spread is cool. Is that a tape strip, or two torn-out page stubs? xoxo


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