August 2, 2011

Gypsy Spirit

A new page for the Traveling Art Journal.  This page is for Fadwa whose theme is The Gypsy Spirit.

I used a quote from the book, the Gypsy Spirit, by Margaret Elizabeth Sangster (1838- 1912):

“Just around the end of September the feeling begins to grow on us. There is something about the tragic splendor of the dying leaves and the fading summertime that touches a vagabond chord in the heart.”



For the background, I glued calendar pages to the substrate and then colored them with Ranger ink Distress stains (color: Forest Moss). It didn’t go on like I expected but I liked it anyway. Some spots were definitely MUCH darker than I originally wanted. I also add some light green crackle paint (color: peeled paint) in select spots.


  1. Fabuloussssss .. thank you very much.

  2. Awesome page!! This is so much fun!!

  3. I left this question on flickr, what's the deets on the script background. I like it. xoxo


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