July 3, 2011

OMG, Has it been a year?

One year ago today this little guy made his first appearance.











Since then he’s grown so much:

At 1 month: Here’s what I think of Skype.

G sticking his tongue out

2 months - A Post it, really? Sorry G, it’s tradition.


3 months - Shssh, I’m getting my beauty sleep


4 months - I love these fish

G on Tummy 10-23-10

5 months - Tell Santa what you want

Christmas 2010 - G with Santa 1

6 Months - Yes. I eat carrots, what of it?

G eating Carrots

7 Months - Mom, don’t kiss me in front of my friends.


8 Months - Just as long as it’s not bedtime after this bath.

Bathtime1 3-5-2011

9 Months - Yes Nana, I did brush both of my teeth.

G brushing his teeth 4-15-2011

10 Months - There has to be more toys in here

G in Toy basket

11 Months - The guys say I look cool in these duds.

G looking like a hiphop dude6-7-11

12 Months - Finally, my own slice of pizza.

G eating Pizza 7-1-2011

Happy Birthday Little G !!


  1. By 3 months he really looked like a little boy! (People thought my son was a girl for a year.)

  2. LOL, Linda, thought at first the title meant it had been a year since you posted - yeah, I know, I am easily confused these days. Great good wishes for the lil guy, and happy grand anniversary #1 to you and Gramps, wink wink. xoxoxo

  3. awwww I love it!!!

  4. Your son is adorable! Mine just turned 1 too. Doesn't it just go by too fast? :)

  5. I can't believe how fast they learn things. I just show him something a couple times and he just gets it. Crazy!! He is taking a few steps, but hasn't realized that he can get around faster if he just walks all the time. :)


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