February 24, 2011

365 Creativity - An Altered Journal Cover

In case you’re wondering if I’m losing track time because it’s not really the fifth day since I started …. Nope, I haven’t. :) I really do know it’s more like the 7th, 8th, or is it 9th day? Hum… well, it’s day 5 in the book and I was stumped on what to do for day 5.

The challenge is to create something with the items I collect.  In my head, I only had one “collection” (Hearts) and they are still packed since our move from California. So for a few days I sat frozen with the same  ‘what to do, what to do???’ thought. What can I say, I’m slow. :)

Then I re-read my last blog post and it hit me like I shoulda’ had a V-8.  You know, the post where I confessed that I collect “scrapbook paper” even though I don’t scrapbook? (Although now that I have a grandchild I really should start. But until then I’m not a scrapbooker.)

At the same time, I decided to join the Journaling SavesWalk in This World” group that starts on March 1st. This is a book by Julia Cameron who also wrote “The Artist’s Way.”  We will be doing morning pages in the group and therefore I needed a journal to write in.  I decided to go with a plain composition notebook and dress it up. It started out looking like this:


This is how I altered it using little bits scrapbook paper and ribbon, of which I have plenty. I used gel medium on the paper to adhere it to the cover.


This is the back cover:


The inside front and back covers were covered in photocopies of previous art journal pages. Notice it’s just notebook paper on the inside. No art in this journal, only my witty repartee. Yea, OK who am I kidding?



Then I realized it need a ribbon or elastic to keep it closed and away from curious eyes.  So I added this thick red elastic with a black and white patterned flower that I’d made some months ago.  That will keep everyone out, right?  Yeah, I thought so too.

Morning Pages Journal with Ribbon closure

I think I like it.

By the way, if you’re interested in Julia Cameron’s book “Walk in This World”, try the public library.  I found the book at my local branch. Great way to get a feel for the book without laying out some cash. 

PS: I got the idea for the notebook from iHanna’s blog. Check out this tutorial.


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