April 26, 2010

Abstracts and Florals

It seems that my journal pages have been following a certain theme lately….abstract shapes colored with watercolor pencils, intense pencils or Prismacolor markers and floral designs. 

Colorful Flowers 2

On this first page, I used Prismacolor markers on the right side and watercolor background on the left.  For the floral color, I used Intense pencils.  I used a Pitt pen for the zentangle doodles.  You’d think I would have worked in the two sides separately but No.  Both side were done at the same time. I really like the intensity of the color.

Colorful Flowers 2


Colorful Flowers 3

The right side of this page was really a happy accident.  When I colored the page above with the markers, they bled to the other side of the page so I decided to make use of the color there.  It’s a little patchy and not as intense as the first page but I like it just as much.  

Colorful Flowers 3


  1. Hi, Linda! I really like my Derwent Inktense pencils, too. They are so much fun to use. Beautiful, gorgeous, bright, cheerful, and vivid journal pages! :-)

  2. Love your use of such beautiful vivid colors and patterns!

    Hope all is going wonderful for you!


    Christine Alane


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