April 1, 2010

If you could rewrite your past, would you?

If you could rewrite your past, would you?  Even in hard times I love my life. Yes, It’s a good life that I share with my guy.  That’s not to say that I wouldn’t like to change some minor decisions I’ve made but I’d keep all the major ones.

New Life

Then, of course, there are some decisions that can later make you feel like a prisoner to your circumstances.  Mine have to do with a career path I chose not take and how that decision affects my life now …. but then again had I continued on that path, I’d probably feel the same.  It wasn’t my calling.

Hotel California

Who would have guessed that the best decision I ever made was to reach out and touch the hand of that gorgeous man in the bar with the beautiful blue eyes? And who knew that I’d still be married to him after 23 years? Ah but marriage….The only work harder than being married is being a parent.  I don’t think you can have a really good solid marriage without some messy times. Times when you don’t agree on anything but decide that it’s worth the hassle to be together.  It’s hard a hard lesson to learn that you should both strive to work out your differences so that each of you gets a satisfactory result at least 1/2 the time. To be true partners because when you can work it out…well it is very lovely!!

23rd Anniversary


Thanks to the Eagles for the use of their lyrics to Hotel California. As for the postcard, I found it when going through some old photographs and memorabilia. I bought the postcard in 1980 during a trip to San Francisco. Seems like an appropriate use for the card considering that was the year I graduated from college for that career path not taken. 

The photograph of the waves was one I took this weekend after our anniversary trip to Stinson Beach.

Do you ever pull out stuff from your scrapbooks and use them in your art?


  1. How true !! I have been married 23 years as well and I know exactly what you mean. I feel so lucky in a world of throw away marriage to have one that is working:)
    Also , I didn't always make the best decisions but I always learned a lesson and still do . I wouldn't change anything , maybe just some minor tweaks.
    Love your journal pages.

  2. Hi, Linda! I wouldn't want to rewrite my past... as hard as some of it was, it helped me become the person I am today. And I'm happy with where I am. :-)

  3. yes there are some decisions which I wish I could make again. The biggest is probably becoming a scientist. In the UK, science is not considered cool even now. I really wish I had chosen something where I could have expressed myself more, and used my leanings towards art.


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