April 21, 2010

We Had Jungle Fever

This past weekend I went to help My Girl get a room ready for the new baby. “Little G” is due in a little over two months.  My Girl sweetly said that I inspired her desire to decorate the room in a jungle animal theme when I gave her stuffed giraffe and baby clothes with cute jungle animals on them.

So for weeks she searched for just the right pictures that we could paint on the walls taking into consideration our level of painting expertise and the time required to do it.  Because I’m not in the same town our time frame was short and the images had to be uncomplicated and easy to do. Not only did we only have a few short days to paint but we also had to shop for baby accessories to fit with the painting and go on a hospital maternity tour. (I’ll be with her and her husband in the delivery room.) 

The animals are not as detailed as I would have liked but we think it came out great. We had loads of fun and we worked out butts off getting the room done.  Here is what we painted:

Little G's name in letters









Monkey N Tree

Monkey Closeup

Not too bad for a couple of amateurs.  We also got a lamps, rugs and other jungley accessories to round out the jungle theme.  It was a great bonding experience.

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  1. Hi, Linda! These are adorable! Fabulous wall art for Little G's room! :-)


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