October 22, 2009

Wanna Play? Bliss

The second theme is Bliss.  What gives you that feeling of bliss? Or do have a favorite quote on bliss?  I’ve heard people say the word is overused and tired. If that applies to you,  approach the theme from that point of view.  However you approach it, just have fun. Here is my entry:


A little info on how i created the page.  The background is layered acrylic paint using gray, blue, purple, magenta, orange, yellow green, black and finished off with sienna brown. Quote is by Buddha and written using a white Signo pen. The butterfly is a rubber stamp on sheet music. If you take a closer look at the page, you’ll be able to see that the Buddha quote is rubber stamped repeatedly on the stenciled black figure. Punchinella is used to create the white dots and the white reverse stencil under the word Bliss. The bird is a toner based print (laser printer) transferred using a Chartpak blender pen (not that great of a transfer, IMO.)

I’d really like to see what you come up with.   If you’d like to play along, just create a journal page or ATC, or any other form of art.  It doesn’t matter, just play.  Scan or photograph your work and add it to your blog, flicker account etc…. then be sure to come back to this post and post a link back to where we can view your finished art work. 

And last but not least, BIG thanks to Giggles for playing along with the very first prompt. Here is a link directly to her page: Journal Prompt Dance


  1. Thanks for sharing your process. Very pretty journal page and thanks for the prompt. Have you been to my friends website, she wrote Journal Bliss.....www.violette.ca....her blog is dedicated to art and life too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Hi Giggles,

    Yes I have been to Violette website. I love her style. I hope to look through her book next time I go to the bookstore. I've heard it's really good.

    I hope you get a chance to play along again.

  3. Okay, dance and bliss...gotta it. Might be a while, I'm kinda constipated til after Sunday, no wait, another onslaught of deadlines, I'll just have to work them in! Does this mean I can practice medicine now? LOLOL

    ...imagining all my projects sitting in a doctor's office, waiting to be worked in...yeah, I know, I'm very strange...winkwink

  4. Hi! i just found your blog because you are following me on twitter :-)
    I love your work!!! beautiful colours!!!! I'm going to look at the rest on your blog, there's lots more to see!!!


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