October 8, 2009

How Bizarre, How Bizarre

I’ve come to the last of my journal pages from the Kelly Kilmer class. They’ve been done for a while now but I really haven’t been in the mood to blog. Not sure why… oh yes I do but that’s another story.

Here is the first using my favorite phrase of the moment "How Bizarre" I started saying that when my husband came in to my office doing some really goofy stuff when I wasn’t in the mood for goofy. I said he was really bizarre and he wasn’t too happy I said it. I had make sure that he knew I didn’t really mean it in a bad way (well, not much anyway) and I started saying “how bizarre” to make him feel better ?? Then it stuck and I am saying it … all. the. time. 

How Bizarre

I guess it makes sense that I was a CPA when I was a republican. Now than I am no longer focused on accounting for businesses, even though I own my own business, I no longer have a republican point of view.


I love flowers and just wish that I didn’t have such a brown thumb. I’d love to have a garden full of roses and sunflowers and daisies. I can honestly say that I have only one plant that is doing extremely well in my yard and do you know why?  It’s because I don’t give it much thought.  It doesn’t depend on me to water it as it gets watered when the lawn does.


I could use more of these:

Lazy Days

What are you up to?


  1. How bizarre that you don't feel like blogging these days (insert cheeky grin here)
    I love your journal pages, especially the last 2. You were the one who inspired me to take Kelly's journal class, I hadn't even heard of her until I saw you writing about it. I am a few days behind-naturally, lol, but I love being taken step by step through the process. Journal pages are difficult for me, I never know how to start.
    I have to agree with you about how awesome Gary is too :-)

  2. That's funny that you say you had Republican views when you were a CPA because on Friday, I was with my boss talking to someone else in the firm and she had a little bumper sticker type thing hanging up that said "how can you vote Democrat as a CPA?" or something to that effect. Sorry for the run-on sentence! lol. Love you.


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