October 19, 2009

Good to be Queen and an award

Here is my latest, called Good to be Queen.

Good to be Queen


My sweet girl has her own blog, called Almond-Alma, and she gave me the following blog award.  Thank you sweetie! bestblog_award

Rules are to pass the award to 15 blogs you think should be named Best Blog. Then visit the blog and leave them a message to let them know. 

Those are the rules but since rules are meant to be broken, I think you should pass on the award to as many as you are comfortable giving it to …. even if it’s not 15.  The award should be heart felt.


Here, in no particular order, are the blogs I am passing this award to:

Jackie - Me Down to a Fine Art 

Silvana - Mixed Media e Cafe

Zom - Pinch me to see if you're dreaming

Aimeslee - Paper Paisleys

Anne - Gaal Creative

Teri - Quinceberry

Jean Marie - Jean Marie Lemire Artiste

Pinkglitterfae - http://pinkglitterfae.blogspot.com/

Shariyah  - Shariyah Garner

Jennifer - Trial and Error

Marsha - Tumble Fish Studio

Lori - Kitties & Cupcakes

Elizabeth Able - Quote Snack

Melissa! - Operation NICE 

Please visit these wonderful blogs to see for yourself why I think they are so great.  Please visit, Almond-Alma’s blog as well.  She is such a funny girl. I wish I had her sense of humor.


  1. linda you deserve the best blog award! I love coming here and checking out what you've been up too..I'm diggin' the new artwork, you've got a way with collage!

    I appreciate you for thinking of me for this lovely blog award too,
    I must be doing something right :-)

  2. Hi, Linda! Congratulations on your blog award! And I love your "It's Good to be Queen" layout! You are so sweet to pass along the blog award to me. I feel so honored! :-)

  3. Oh, Linda! Thank you, thank you for the award! Wowee! And, congratulations to you too. It's no wonder you received such an award, your blog is gorgeous and vibrant and so full of visual excitement! I love having so many blogs to visit and then having all of their links to visit and then all of those links to visit. It makes the world a bit smaller and larger at the same time. So thanks for linking so many of us together with your beautiful blog and extraordinary work!

  4. Thanks for adding me to your list Linda! Love your new piece!

  5. Hi Linda, thank you for the award. I am going to look at my fellow awardies now.

  6. Thank you for adding me to your list of people for the award! I can certainly understand why you received yours - your blog rocks!

  7. Linda, I'm an artist who hasn't made art regularly in many, many years. You've given me a nudge. Thanks for the award. :)

  8. I need to be queen sometime soon. har har

    Sweet friend, come over I'm having a giveaway.

    Renee xoxo

  9. Hey sweets, thanks for the award. You are too kind...and you really need a bigger circle to hang with, ROFL, okay, just kidding! :-0000 winkwink


  10. Hi, Linda! Congratulations on your blog award! And thank you for generously passing it on to me! You're sweet! Hugs! :-)


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