February 9, 2007

A Friday in the life....

Today was a busy day with lots of tech calls to make. People were nice and easy to work with. That's not always the case. Some days I get people won't won't stop talking or they don't take direction well. I had a really nice woman who wanted some black and white graphics to use for her class handouts. I was able to give her some good ideas and she was very appreciative. Another woman who insisted that her links didn't work but when we spoke and she tried it, it did. hummm

It rained much of the day today. As much as we need the rain, I find it depressing. It's so gray and cold. All I wanted to do was sit in the bedroom and visit art websites on my laptop. Teesa Moore's site is one of my favorites. Atcards.com is another favorite. I spend a lot of time there looking through the gallery and looking for new swaps. I signed up for two swaps that sounded interesting but now can't get motivated to work on them. I have time so it's OK.

I wasn't completely lazy, I did get in some treadmill time just before lunch. A brisk 45 minute walk while watching a prerecorded episode of Y&R.

Greg and I went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays earlier and I did not have a good dinner experience. We've eaten there many times before but I'd never ordered this particular item. It was a Carolina chicken salad (dieting remember?) and it was filled with lettuce, nuts, bacon and tomatoes, breaded chicken and cheese. While all that sounds good it wasn't. The lettuce stunk, it was some packaged lettuce that smelled like McDonalds lettuce. And the chicken was breaded with more breading than chicken....not a good choice for someone on a low carb diet. Of course the menu didn't say it was breaded. If the lettuce had been fresh, I could have eaten the chicken without the breading. But the smell from the lettuce was just too much. I couldn't take it. To the resturants credit, they didn't charge us for the salad. After we left the resturant we drove by Wendy's for a chicken Blt salad. Shoot, if I have to diet, the food should at least taste good. Dieting is hard enough otherwise.


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