February 7, 2007

Find creativity when & where you can

Monday night I couldn't sleep so I got out of bed and went to my office/studio to mess around. I tested the new watercolor crayons I bought a week ago. I colored and painted two ATC sized cards, then let them dry.

Once dry, I took my fine point pen and filled one with patterns. On the other I created a fantasy map of a made up area of this beautiful earth.

Yesterday I found out there is a new version of MS OneNote. I loved the original but it didn't do everything I wanted it to do. Mainly, the ability to create a webpage from a Note page.

This is a great way to create online lessons for my website but unless I can turn it into a webpage, it wasn't of much use to me. This version seems to be able to do just that but we'll see. I'm still testing and since MS gives you a 60 day trial, I'm not going to spend my money until those 60 days are up.


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