February 13, 2007

Stressful daze

I have been in a daze today because I tool some Tylonal PM to help me sleep last night. I got a large check yesterday for my mom from my fathers life insurance. Normally that would be cause for joy or relief but it isn't. It just means more stress. Mom's on medicaid and when they hear about the check, they are going to drop her like a hot potato....which means even more stress to get her back on when it's gone, which will be fairly quickly considering my father left some debt when he passed. sheesh it's all such a pain.

And if that's not enough, we have to go to NM to clean out their house to put it up for sale. And the only good thing about getting the check now is that Medicade also threatened to drop her if we put the house on the market. Not sold but on the market. So at least both will be happening at the same time. Selling that house is not going to be easy and if you'd seen the house you'd know why. We'll be there for the weekend and then drive the truck back....1100 miles....stress.


Now the good part of the day. I went to lunch with my daughter today. I was supposed to pick her up at work but she stayed home with a migraine. So I picked up some food and went to her apartment and we ate, talked and watched a movie. The Lake House. Not a great movie but not really bad either.

Happy Valentines day.....tomorrow.


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