December 29, 2005

How close is too close?

Have you ever spent too much time with one person? My dear husband is the love of my life but this week he is on vacation and I'm not but I work from home. What does that spell? Not relief, that for sure. Probably more like disaster. Ok I think I'll not dwell on the argument we had and just leave it at that.
Then there is my mother....who I call regularly to find out how she is. She can relate the most minute details of every conversation she had on that particular day. She tells me every excruciating "He said, then I said...etc.." After she's recited the entire dialogue she says "why aren't you talking?" Because I'm numb? So as usual I try to tell her something and mid-sentence she starts talking to someone else. EVERY TIME! That woman couldn't tell you any thing beyond the most superficial facts of my life.
What kind of day have I had when the most rewarding conversation I had today was with my father, the man who I normally can't stand! Someone wake me from this nightmare that was Wednesday Dec. 28, 2005.


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