December 26, 2005

After the holidays

I had a wonderful birthday and Christmas. The Girl got us up very early to open presents. Is 7 am early? To me it is although I woke first at 6 am and had just successfully gotten back to sleep when she came in calling out "Wake up! It's Christmas". Who could argue with her cheerful tone?
I walked out to the living room after splashing water on my face. I had to laugh as The Girl had already sorted the presents under the tree and stockings hung over the fireplace. This is something we usually do together but she was got up early and was too excited to wait. By the number of boxes I can safely say that we went overboard this year. We all had a great year financially and for once we didn't have to budget out money. The Girl, who is my beautiful 17 year old daughter, and her dad, my wonderful, handsome husband of almost 19 years both work in the same office and both got incredible Xmas bonuses. The best part of the holiday season was finding out how incredibly generous The Girl has become. Seeing her delight as others opened their gifts was quite a sight as The Girl had been quite materialistic in her younger years. She has matured so much she makes me proud.
I won't go into the gifts but suffice it to say that everyone felt they had been heard. Well, I do have one grip about the gifts: The IPod Nano that I got my husband didn't work....argh, actually double argh because we can't even return it right away because they are sold out until mid-January....argh!!! Everything else was fine and very loved.
More later...this computer is getting hot on my lap.


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