April 24, 2012

Playing with portraits again

So here I am playing with drawing portraits again. I’d love to be good at it but I just don’t practice enough.  I decided to take Suzi Blu’s portrait class because the class is self-paced. I don’t have to hurry if I don’t want too and I don’t have to wait for the next set of videos if I’m ready to move on.

The Goddess and the Poet was the class I wanted to take when it was first offered but couldn’t because it was a little more than I could afford to pay at the time.  Now? I’m getting three classes for an incredible deal. Plus I love Suzi. She’s been an inspiration to me since way back when she was vloging her paintings on Youtube, before she started offering classes. I took her first class on drawing and painting Petite Girls doll faces and really enjoyed it. 

Now Suzi is offering The Goddess and the Poet, Piety & Passion and Angels for $35.00 That’s an incredible 39 videos for less than a buck apiece.  Here, check it out yourself:




  1. Oh she is beautiful Linda... I am taking this class too... Suzi rocks...

  2. Nice work, Linda. I'm finally immune to online class temptation YAY! So, you have fun! xoxoxo


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